About Us

The Caring Place provides a safe and professional non-profit counselling centre when people of all ages, from young children to older adults, can find a caring professional to help them deal successfully with personal issues--regardless of ability to pay.

The Caring Place was incorporated in 1991 as a non-profit, professional counselling center.

Over the years, The Caring Place has reached into the community and has drawn clients from across the province, from many lifestyles and economic levels. Counselling is non-denominational and respects each client’s values, religion, race and gender.

Our Board of Directors is made up of business and professional men and women from the community who care about those with emotional and spiritual needs.


The 2011-2012 Board of Directors:


  • Abram Toews. Chair
  • Ruby Dietrich, Director
  • Darlene Hincks-Joehnck, Director
  • Deb Ash, Director
  • Melissa Roberts, Director 
  • Paula Katzberg, Director
  • Amy Pena, Director

Our Staff

Counsellors at The Caring Place have at least a Masters degree, with additional certification in various treatment modalities in addition. Each counsellor has professional liability insurance and is held to a high standard in the Code of Conduct of the Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors.

  • Joy Johnson, PhD, ABCExecutive Director: Joy's job is to keep the centre running smoothly by enabling all the staff to do their work to the best of their abilities. She is involved with finances, human resources, fundraising, and facility maintenance. Joy is also available to speak for groups on a variety of topics.

  • Kayely Schoeber, MA -- Assistant Executive Director/Counsellor: Kayely works closelywith the Executive Director, taking charge of various programs. She also counsels with children, women and youth, specializing in relationship issues, abuse and mental disorders.
  • Sam Berg, D.Min, RMFT Director of Counselling Services: Sam oversees the work of the counsellors, ensuring high quality and compassionate therapy. He also has a client list of his own and is approved for Ceridan and Interlock EAP and First Nations Health Canada clients.

  • Todd Sojonky, PhD, RD Psychologist -- Registered Doctoral psychologist with considerable education and expertise with children to older adults, from marriage therapy to severe mental disorders. Todd specializes in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Todd works closely with the mental health system and Employee Assistance Providers such as Great West Life, Manulife, Blue Cross, GMS, and others.

  • Delmer Harrison, MAMarriage & Family Therapist: Counsellor specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy: Delmer works closely with couples in resolving marital issues and with individuals on a wide range of issues.He works with individuals, couples and families. He is approved for Shepell-fgi and Human Solutions EAP clients.

  • Kevin Eby, MA -- Marriage & Family Therapist: Counsellor specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy: Kevin has considerable experience working with First Nations families and communities. Kevin is approved to work with Human Solutions clients.
  • Keith Hecker, MSW -- Social Worker: Counsellor with many years experience working with children and youth, and adults with issues such as addictions, behavioural problems, mental health issues and marriage issues. Keith is approved to work with Human Solutions clients.

  • Cynthia Voegeli, MA -- Marriage & Family Therapist: Counsellor specializing in working with children and youth, as well as couples.

  • Frederick Voegeli, MA -- Marriage & Family Therapist: Counsellor specializing in working with youth, young men and couples.

  • Shelley Zerr, BA Receptionist: Shelley keeps appointments and fee payments in order, and sees that the office is always professional in appearance. She is our "first contact" for clients as they come into the office.